You're Unique!

Your path to health

should be personalized.

I offer confidential online Psychotherapy (teletherapy) for people in the state of Virginia using a HIPAA compliant video conference platform.

People who feel deeply tend to struggle in our world, yet that deep feeling also holds the keys to compassion and creativity, which the world greatly needs. Feeling is a gift to master, not necessarily a pathology.


You’ve been incubating an idea for a long while, something with great potential to improve the state of the world, but you’ve held onto it out of fear and uncertainty. You’re ready for a guide to help you get un-stuck and bring your legacy to life.

You're on a path of spiritual evolution and awakening and want help to deepen your practice and integrate your spiritual life with your daily mundane life.


Are you a woman who's on the brink of burnout and you need to take action and nurture yourself?


Would you benefit from a community of like-minded women (healers, leaders, creatives...) and the guidance of an expert?


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Women Coming Alive: Radical Self-Care

Counseling/Therapy for Virginia Residents only.

Coaching offered online to people anywhere.

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Please Note: Soul Explorations, LLC and Andrea Shipley currently only offer Counseling or Psychotherapy services to people located in the state of Virginia, USA who require mental health services. 


For individuals in any location who are not seeking or in need of Psychotherapeutic Counseling, Andrea also provides Coaching and Consulting under Alive Explorations LLC.


Coaching & Consulting are not intended to be replacements for qualified healthcare of any kind. If you receive Life Coaching or Consulting mentorship with Andrea Shipley, she and Alive Explorations LLC will not diagnose or treat any mental health disorder and your mental health will be assumed.