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Coaching Packages:

  • Design Your Lifestyle

              Let's work toward creating your lifestyle goals and projects​


  • Awaken Intentionally

            Be intentional and conscious about your spiritual unfolding.

  • You want to take action on your big dreams that are constantly trampled by the "practical" critic in your head, constantly telling you to shrink, hide, and play it safe.


  • You are mentally and emotionally healthy and want to level up your life to be even better.


  • You’ve been incubating an idea for a long while, something with great potential to improve the state of the world, but you’ve held onto it out of fear and uncertainty. You’re ready for a guide and midwife to help you get un-stuck and bring your legacy to life.

  • You're on a path of spiritual evolution and awakening and want help to deepen your practices and integrate your spiritual life with your daily life.

  • You want help with accountability and strategy, but also want a holistic approach that includes mindset work, energy healing, creative expression, and embodiment practices.

  • You’ve lived your life for your family, your boss, your children, your parents. You have no regrets about that, but the time has come to live in a way that prioritizes your needs and desires. Your gifts are not limited to fulfilling the needs of others. It’s time to embody your most authentic self.

  • You always feel like there’s “one more thing” you have to accomplish before you can relax and be happy. It’s exhausting and you feel like you’re chasing rainbows. You’re ready to love your life now and think that incorporating Mindfulness practices is the route for you.

So many people are unhappy, anxious, and unfulfilled. Many are just pushing through the daily grind, trying to keep their heads above water, hoping that relief will come someday...maybe at retirement.


We're often asked to choose between our hearts and our heads, our soul or society. But what if there was a third path, one that fed your whole being so you could feel fulfilled and excited about your life NOW? Would you dare to imagine it? Would you build it if you thought you could? Would you scan the land to find a fresh path that you recognized as your own?


It will require some bushwhacking through emotional overgrowth, facing and outgrowing limitations, and reviving your imagination. It will be challenging to mindfully attend to your fears sometimes, but it will send life through your veins that you'd nearly forgotten. “Aha moments” will shoot clarity through your system that will drive you further into your own transformation.


You won't be alone on this journey. I'll light the way with you and help you create practical change strategies, but you're the only one who can veer away from the crowds and be brave enough to walk your own path.

It's time to discover and break through whatever has been holding you back and then take action to create a life you love. Life is short, and it's up to each of us to make the best of it. When you invest in yourself and put your well being at the top of your list, then you can discover life's purpose for you, play up your strengths, and live with more authenticity and peace.

What are you waiting for? Let me walk beside you and offer guidance, challenge, and support as you begin your service project, make a big life change, and embody your best self. I've spent over a decade gaining skills, perspectives, and insights that can work for you.


Contact me now to schedule a free consultation.

*Note: Coaching and Consulting are NOT mental health counseling. They do not diagnose or treat medical concerns. Coaching and Consulting are for people and businesses with operational functioning who want to improve, change, or level up certain areas of daily life and/or gain assistance embarking upon and moving through big transitions more quickly in order to improve a reasonably healthy quality of life. 

Counseling/Therapy for Virginia Residents only.

Coaching offered online to people anywhere.

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Please Note: Soul Explorations, LLC and Andrea Shipley currently only offer Counseling or Psychotherapy services to people located in the state of Virginia, USA who require mental health services. 


For individuals in any location who are not seeking or in need of Psychotherapeutic Counseling, Andrea also provides Coaching and Consulting under Alive Explorations LLC.


Coaching & Consulting are not intended to be replacements for qualified healthcare of any kind. If you receive Life Coaching or Consulting mentorship with Andrea Shipley, she and Alive Explorations LLC will not diagnose or treat any mental health disorder and your mental health will be assumed.