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Living the Goddess Workshops @ Boketto

Emotional Mastery Class

Wednesday, July 5


Boketto Wellness: 106 North Vine Street, Richmond VA 23220

Andrea Shipley, MA, CMT and Sara Daves are offering monthly workshops for soulful women on a journey toward wholeness, wellness, and spiritual awakening. In this Emotional Mastery class, you will learn evidence-based mindfulness practices for emotional wellbeing and spiritual growth. You’ll learn to holdfast through challenging moments, meet and embrace your shadow self, practice self-acceptance and become more grounded in your body.

Living the Goddess: Dare to Discover Your Authenticity

Wednesday, August 2


Boketto Wellness: 106 North Vine Street, Richmond VA 23220

Dare to Discover Your Authenticity is the third workshop in the Living the Goddess series, led by Andrea Shipley, MA, LMT and Sara Daves. Living the Goddess workshops are for soulful women on a journey toward wholeness, wellness and spiritual awakening. In this workshop, you will learn how to courageously peel back the layers of your defense mechanisms and reveal the authentic you. Using mindfulness as a foundation, we will explore, honor, and move through common emotions that women often struggle with, like fear and insecurity. 

Part of our purpose as women in an evolving world involves receiving and expressing divine wisdom, which we can't do if we're hiding in the roles laid out for us. 

Authentic expression and self-care aren't selfish, they're essential to feeling fulfilled and having a positive impact on our loved ones.

Counseling/Therapy for Virginia Residents only.

Coaching offered online to people anywhere.

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Please Note: Soul Explorations, LLC and Andrea Shipley currently only offer Counseling or Psychotherapy services to people located in the state of Virginia, USA who require mental health services. 


For individuals in any location who are not seeking or in need of Psychotherapeutic Counseling, Andrea also provides Coaching and Consulting under Alive Explorations LLC.


Coaching & Consulting are not intended to be replacements for qualified healthcare of any kind. If you receive Life Coaching or Consulting mentorship with Andrea Shipley, she and Alive Explorations LLC will not diagnose or treat any mental health disorder and your mental health will be assumed.