• Do you take health insurance?

    • I do not accept insurance for my services. Insurance companies generally require a diagnosis right away and often dictate the length of treatment, which I've found to be unhelpful to the client in certain cases.

    • Instead, I do my best to help people afford treatment by offering a sliding scale rate, partnering with a non-profit, and providing super bills to clients who can be reimbursed by their insurance companies for out of network treatment. 

  • Given that life coaching is more goal-oriented, will it directly address the anxiety I’m experiencing? Some days it does feel pretty severe and comes with some feelings of resignation.

    • Both life coaching and counseling will address anxiety and aim to clarify and adjust thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Some degree of anxiety is natural and normal for everyone, while some is not and requires more digging to address the unconscious or familial factors involved. When anxiety levels are deemed unhealthy or debilitating, therapy would be appropriate.

  •  Would it be possible to split the coaching package in half and take it 5 weeks/5 sessions at a time? The full package feels like a big commitment without having a sense of whether the approach is truly going to work for me. 

    • It's possible to choose a smaller package, however the rate goes down when you purchase more consulting/coaching sessions. Also, I've found that when people commit to bigger packages, they get better results because they're more likely to keep moving through challenging or lethargic periods instead of following old habits like procrastination or quitting.

  • Would it be possible to have more frequent sessions (eg. Twice a week) for a few weeks to try to really get down at the root of the questions and anxieties that continue to crop up?

    • We can absolutely do two sessions a week for as long as that makes sense and schedules permit. ​Although weekly sessions are the most common, we can front load consulting sessions or book multiple therapy sessions in a week based on your needs. This can be discussed more in your personal consultation or session check ins.

  • Is it possible to integrate therapy and coaching/consulting?

    • Regarding the integration of the two practices, we can do some degree of this, but would likely err on the side of therapy due to the licensing and ethical restrictions of that approach. 

    • I have a history as an artist, nature-lover, massage therapist, and student of energy work modalities like Reiki and Healing Touch, as well as many years of personal study in self-help and spirituality. These modalities and experiences flavor my work on all ends of the therapy-consulting spectrum, however they show up differently depending on the route we take.

    • The coaching relationship can tend to be a bit more personal and incorporate more alternative practices. In the therapy relationship, self-disclosure from me would be limited and alternative approaches would be more cautiously used, depending on the mental health concerns being addressed. 

    • It can be very helpful for some people to have a separate therapist while we do coaching and consulting work.

  • What is your approach to spirituality?

    • My spiritual approach is ultimately going to support your personal views whenever they're of service to you. I find value and truth in spirituality as a whole, as long as it supports compassion and a genuine exploration of truth. I studied Transpersonal Psychology, which looks at altered states of consciousness, peak experiences, and what it means to be more than just a personality. My personal interests tend to point me toward Buddhist and Shamanic theories and practices the most, but it's YOUR beliefs that matter most in sessions, not mine.

Counseling/Therapy for Virginia Residents only.

Coaching offered online to people anywhere.

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Please Note: Soul Explorations, LLC and Andrea Shipley currently only offer Counseling or Psychotherapy services to people located in the state of Virginia, USA who require mental health services. 


For individuals in any location who are not seeking or in need of Psychotherapeutic Counseling, Andrea also provides Coaching and Consulting under Alive Explorations LLC.


Coaching & Consulting are not intended to be replacements for qualified healthcare of any kind. If you receive Life Coaching or Consulting mentorship with Andrea Shipley, she and Alive Explorations LLC will not diagnose or treat any mental health disorder and your mental health will be assumed.