Soul Explorations, LLC

  • Perhaps you’ve lived a “successful” life so far. You’ve had the great job, bought the house, earned the money, been in the relationships. Everything you thought you should accomplish, you did. Yet, something unknown is still missing and you can’t understand why you aren’t happier.


  • Maybe you’re a spiritual seeker and an explorer, ready to set off into the final frontier of your own consciousness, the interior world of mind, heart, and soul in order to feel whole in your day to day life. Maybe you’ve feared you’d lose your mind on the journey, but have come to see that knowing yourself is sanity.

  •  ​You may feel caught in a dark night of the soul or an existential crisis and you're not sure how to come through it.

  • You always feel burdened by “one more thing” you have to accomplish before you can relax and be happy. It’s exhausting and you feel like you’re chasing rainbows. You’re ready to love your life now.


  • You find yourself running through life. Every day is relatively the same and you’re both bored and frantically racing through. Your mood swings between anxiety and sadness and you’re craving peace.


  • You get thrown off when obstacles arise and need to develop coping skills that will enable you to flow forward more easily on the journey of life.


I offer confidential online Psychotherapy for people in the state of Virginia using secure video meetings.

I view a lot of mental health issues as relatively normal reactions to a very challenging world and I view many people diagnosed with "mental disorders" as relatively normal people struggling to align the realities of their external lives with their internal genius in authentic and healthy ways.

People who feel deeply tend to struggle in our world, yet that deep feeling also holds the keys to compassion and creativity, which the world greatly needs. Feeling is a gift to master, not a pathology.

I emphasize authenticity in my work because authentic self-expression is essential for overall health, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I love to serve people who are dedicated to improving the lives of others and the well-being of the planet as a whole. You may be empathetic and generous to the point of personal exhaustion. It's important to reclaim healthy boundaries and balance in your life so you can serve others even better!

Perhaps you feel like your stuck in a Dark Night of the Soul. You see the world more deeply than those you're around, making you feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. What feels like a curse is actually a gift to hone. I can help you find the light on the other side of this dark night.

I utilize various modalities to help you regain your health and function more fully in your life, including Humanistic, Transpersonal, Existential, Expressive, Body-based, DBT, CBT, and others.

These sessions are designed to help you discover your deepest potential and break out of the cocoon of your old patterns in order to spread your wings and embody a healthier life for yourself, your family, and the community you serve.

Counseling/Therapy for Virginia Residents only.

Coaching offered online to people anywhere.

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Please Note: Soul Explorations, LLC and Andrea Shipley currently only offer Counseling or Psychotherapy services to people located in the state of Virginia, USA who require mental health services. 


For individuals in any location who are not seeking or in need of Psychotherapeutic Counseling, Andrea also provides Coaching and Consulting under Alive Explorations LLC.


Coaching & Consulting are not intended to be replacements for qualified healthcare of any kind. If you receive Life Coaching or Consulting mentorship with Andrea Shipley, she and Alive Explorations LLC will not diagnose or treat any mental health disorder and your mental health will be assumed.