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  • You’re an empathic, creative, and spiritually-focused (or curious) person doing your best to create balance and you’re itching for deep growth and personal understanding.

  • You want helpful strategies and an accepting ear to help you manage difficult feelings like anxiety, sadness, and grief while moving toward the feelings you want more of.


  • You feel attracted to ideas like mysticism, manifestation, truth, and your soul’s purpose.


  • You want a therapist who will show her humanity and is living in a unique way.

        (See what I mean here:            )​


  • You don’t want your mental healthcare to be dictated by insurance companies.


  • You want video and phone sessions so you have more time for yourself and less time in the car.


  • You’re physically located in the state of Virginia.


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* * I’ll let you know now, that I don’t accept insurance because I don’t find that it’s always conducive to offering the best treatment. I can, however, provide my clients with Superbills so they can seek out-of-network reimbursement. I keep counseling services accessible by offering a sliding scale rate.

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